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Topless Mixed Wrestling photoTopless Mixed Wrestling - "No Man's Land"
Topless Mixed Wrestling
Female Fighters: Candi vs. Anthony

Cute blonde Candi goes head to head with Anthony in the ring for this topless mixed wrestling match. Don't let that sweet smile and teasing personality of Candi fool you. In the first minute, Candi has Anthony in a suffocation move, followed by a series of holds ending with a rain of fists and knees. Anthony bellows as Candi quickly moves to more deadly holds and smashes him with dirty stomps. Anthony retaliates with a body splash from the top ropes and smashes Candi. Plenty of pain and suffering in this topless mixed wrestling battle! The loser finds themselves with tied hands and a big "L" on their chest, adorned with a "loser" ribbon!

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Mixed Wrestling Video

Mixed Wrestling Video ClipMixed Wresting - "No Man's Land"
Mixed Wrestling
Female Fighters: Liz Lighting vs. Tavvi

Svelte Liz Lighting battles Taavi in 2 out of 3 fall mixed wrestling match. The first fall is all Taavi's as Liz looks a little bewildered by Taavi's quickness and strength. He catches her in a deadly sleeper hold and drops her lifeless body to the mat. Awakened by the bell, Liz becomes a changed animal in the next fall. She catapults Taavi, forces him into the turnbuckle, and smashes him with forearms and fists. This mixed wrestling madness races on to a Boston Crab finish as flailing arms and deathlike screams echo through the ring. Great mixed wrestling action!

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Domination Female Wrestling Catfight

Domination Female Wrestling Catfight VideoCatfight - "Pressed Peaches"
Domination Female Wrestling Catfight
Female Fighters: Hollywood vs. Santana

Hollywood slips out of her silk robe to display white thong lingerie. Her haughty claims fill the air as she boasts. "These legs will stop anyone," and "No one can beat the fabulous Hollywood!" Santana enters and this riot of a domination female wrestling catfight begins. Hollywood quickly takes Santana to the carpet with a headlock and then a vicious surfboard hold. As Santana rises, she administers a terrifying elbow to Hollywood's milky white stomach and the blonde falls to the floor. Santana takes control and soon has Hollywood's pouting lips kissing the carpet.

Hollywood is stomped, ripped apart by a throat gurgling chin-lock, and savagely kicked every time she tries to rise. Totally Domination by Santana's muscular legs lock around Hollywood's stomach and the blonde screams, "I can't take it". Tiring of her torture, Santana ties her victim's neck, and has the terrified Hollywood obeying dog commands.

Hollywood is chloroformed by the sadistic Santana. Gloating, Santana binds the once brazen blonde hand and foot and delights in stomping and slapping her rival as she finally hog-ties the semi-conscious Hollywood. A truly awesome finish to a humiliating domination female wrestling catfight.

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Topless Female Fighting

Topless Female Fighting Video photoTopless Female Fighting - "Big Busted Brawler, II"
Topless Female Fighting
Female Fighters: Alysha vs Pear Blossom

Pear Blossom takes on a true beauty, Alysha, in this very savage topless female fighting match. Blossom is fit and well endowed. Alysha appears jealous of Blossom's lavish carriage and starts the brawl by straddling Blossom and begins to wail on her. The attack brings enraged screams from the shocked Blossom. After escaping Alysha's clutches, Blossom chokes her mercilessly. Alysha clamps on a brutal body scissors and Blossom's is gasping for air. This battle takes on a new dimension as Blossom hovers over Alysha's neck and throat using a leg split. What a brawling topless female fighting video!!

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Topless Female Wrestling Video

Topless Female Wrestling Video ClipTopless Female Wrestling - "Big Busted Brawler, II"
Topless Female Wrestling
Female Fighters: Nichole vs Shelly

Shelly, the "Burbank Bomber" enters the ring against a leaner girl fighter, Nicole. Shelly wastes no time in throwing Nicole to the floor. To make things worse for Nicole, Shelly plants her foot on Nicole's chest. This topless female wreslting battle heats up as each girl smashes, beats, and pulls the other relentlessly! After stomping, swearing, sweating, and screaming one girl catches the other in a reverse cradle, effectively ending a violent and cruel topless female wrestling battle.

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Female Wrestling Fantasy Domination Catfight

Female Wrestling Fantasy Domination Catfight photoCatfight - "Starlet Held Hostage"
Female Wrestling Fantasy Domination Catfight
Female Fighters: Christy E. and Leigh Vs. Hollywood and Christine aka Tenea

In this female wrestling fantasy domination catfight, a sexy blonde starlet enters her bedroom wearing boots, a leather jacket and miniskirt. She starts to lounge on her bed when she is attacked by an intruder, the big powerful Christy. The starlet tries desperately to escape but Christy catches her in a savage body scissors, and tries to smother the life out of the shocked blonde, in this domination bedroom bout.

Then the sultry brunette Leigh, wearing mid thigh boots enters the bedroom to help her pal Christy, demolish the starlet. As they start to tie her, Tenea tries to enter the apartment but is told that her friend now gagged, isn't in. Tenea is turned away at the door. The starlet, firmly gagged and tied, is left on the bed by her assailants. She wiggles to free herself but the two domination invaders return and retie and torture the helpless starlet.

Tenea returns once more, but this time she is attacked by Christy, dominated and tied to a chair in another room. The scene ends with two bosom buddies bound tightly, unable to escape the wrath of two powerful and cruel females in this female wrestling fantasy domination catfight.

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Topless Mixed Wrestling Video

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