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Women Wrestling VideoPro Style Women Wrestling- "True Intent"
Pro Style Women Wrestling
Female Fighters: Frankie vs. Valentina

This pro style women wrestling match pits the sex pistol blonde, Valentina against the gorgeous brunette fighting girl, Frankie. Frankie just annulated her opponent in her previous match and is very confident. Valentina has been training hard and is ready for action.

Frankie stalks Valentina, they exchange holds. Frankie's tactic is to let Valentina wear herself out so she lets her work. Engaging in some mat reversals, a clothesline gives Frankie the upper hand, Frankie soon gets Valentina in a rear head lock and smashes her face first to the mat. But Valentina has some new skills and surprises Frankie, trapping Frankie in the corner with hard kicks to the stomach, then damages Frankie's knee in the ropes. Valentina traps Frankie in a brutal head scissor cross and then a painful figure four, but Frankie reverses it and has Valentina screaming in pain.

Valentina rakes Frankie's eyes, stunning the sexy brunette. Valentina works Frankie's arm hard and now Frankie is crying out in pain, but escapes by biting Valentina. Pro Woman Wrestler, Valentina finds herself in a painful standing back breaker. Valentina is tough, and reverses to a mean Boston crab, then resorts to some nasty tricks, and in a camel clutch rakes Frankie's face hard. Elbow and leg drops, hair mars and surfboards. Valentina is out for the win!

Now an over confident Valentina is caught off guard and is almost choked out, but Frankie says" I'm not done with you yet." Her tactic of letting Valentina wear herself down has worked and Frankie soon has Valentina in the ropes, then the top turnbuckle leaving Valentina hanging upside down. Frankie just squashes her opponent. Valentina does all she can do to escape but Pro Woman Wrestler, Frankie keeps dragging her back in the fray. A bulldog finally has Valentina almost unconscious; she is totally exhausted and totally defeated on the ring floor. This pro style women wrestling match is HOT!

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Topless Mixed Wrestling

Mixed Wrestling ClipsTopless Mixed Wrestling - "Savage She-Cats"
Topless Mixed Wrestling
Female Fighters: Jewel vs. Travis & Christine vs. Peter

Travis is back for more topless mixed wrestling action, confident and ready to take on voluptuous Jewel, in a skimpy leopard print bikini. The bell rings and she quickly catches him. With her bountiful breasts unable to be restrained in her tiny top, Travis fights back showing no mercy, ramming her into the turnbuckle and kneeing her stomach as she is trapped against the ropes. He throws her hard to the floor, causing the brunette beauty to groan helplessly. Jewel fights back and has Travis slumped in the corner. Jewel savagely plants her foot on his throat. Travis retaliates with a punishing sleeper hold, but "It's not bedtime," Jewel retorts, slamming Travis on the mat body drops him hard! Each combatant is exhausted, sweaty, and panting. Female Wrestler, Jewel proceeds to punish him, in every way she knows how, finally forcing Travis's body into painful submissions. The match ends with Travis' face smothered between Jewels' huge breasts.

Then it's Peter's turn to take on the perfectly formed ring pro, Christine, in a sexy magenta bikini. The former Penthouse Pet is prepared to turn yet another male into her plaything. Christine soon shows her mastery of the figure four leglock, as well as her resilience to Peter's assaults. Does this girl feel any pain? In desperation he tears off her bikini top. Not a good move. This topless mixed wrestling match continues with Christine just uses it as a weapon and forces it in his mouth. She then disorients him, wrapping her body around him like a python. Feeling the squeeze, Peter fights dirty, clawing at Christine's beautiful eyes blinding her! Pete pursues a series of cruel maneuvers and our Penthouse Pet wrestling women is soon trapped in a vicious backbreaker, howling in pain! Enraged, she retaliates with vicious punishing holds, and soon has Peter choking for his life! The ring rumbles as these two fierce warriors clash, becoming more and more intense until the finish. Which of these two relentless competitors will be the victor in this hot topless mixed wrestling match? You will have to see this!

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Catfighting VideoNude Catfight - "Nasty Girls"
Nude Catfight
Female Fighters: Tanya vs. Goldie

This hair-raising nude catfight stars girl fighters Tanya and Goldie, who are about the same size and similar in their goal of fighting anyone brave enough to test them. The two blondes arrive in sexy bodysuits and argue about which one copied the other. Tanya then accuses Goldie of stealing her customers at the bar where they work. They push each other in the boobs, grab their opponent's bodysuit and are already half naked as the fight begins.

Spiked heels come off the feet the fur starts to fly. The apartment comes to life with shrieks of pain and horror as each girl tries to destroy the other's femininity. Each is attacked with ferocity and no body part is left un-scathed.

Bottoms are shredded, throats are choked and throttled and Tanya is twice hurled into the wall where her nude breasts are smashed and her head knocked dizzy by a raging rival. The sight of these two, caught in a brutal catfight will heighten your senses as you watch their sexy bodies being beaten, pushed, pulled, slapped and stomped as their cries of pain sound like a horror movie. Two gorgeous, fit, female specimens in all nude catfighting, will make you long remember this torrid display of feminine fighting ability. This has got to be one of the best catfights ever filmed!

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