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Mixed Wrestling ClipsPro-Style Mixed Wrestling - "Power Trip"
Pro-Style Mixed Wrestling Matches
Female Fighters: Raquel vs. Bill and Masked Girl vs. Sir X

Don't let Raquel's pretty and sexy looks fool you; this girl is strong and quick. You'll love the sexy holds and moves in this superb mixed wrestling match. She moves in and gives Bill what she calls stretching holds. Good thing Bill is somewhat flexible, as these holds are nasty! Raquel just pores it on with great creative holds. Bill won't submit, and he finally gets in his revenge and stretches Raquel for all she is worth. But this little girl can really dish out the punishment.

Next, a tough and sexy Masked Girl goes after the black masked Sir X. Even though she is smaller than Sir X, she sure is mean. Sir X is not giving her any advantage, and they struggle and strain though exhausting holds and counter moves. Masked Girl finally gets the upper hand pounding Sir X all over the ring till he gets caught in a figure four head scissors.

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Women WrestlingProfessional Women Wrestling - "Veracity"
Professional Womens Wrestling Matches
Female Fighters: Fire vs. Valentina and Belle vs. Desire

Primping prima donna, Valentina, has some sneaky tactics to battle the blonde big girl Fire. This professional women's wrestling match is full of holds and Valentina gives Fire some serious competition!

Next is Belle vs. Desire. Wow, what a technical hard fighting match this is! You'll be on the edge of your seat with this one. Don't blink cause you might miss something. Both fighters are matches in size and strength. Belle is the better grappler while Desire is the better striker. This match is full of quick and painful reversals with a devastating finish. Read more on these two great matches from Steel Kittens, there is just too much to list!

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Mixed Wrestling MatchMixed Wrestling - "Last Tango"
Mixed Wrestling Matches
Female Fighters: Fiorella Fuego vs. Sir X and Onyx vs. Arnie

The Beautiful Brunette Fiorella Fuego steps into the ring with the black Masked Sir X in this amateur Mixed Wrestling match. The battle heats up and the Sexy brunette fights like a tigress against her masked attacker. With all her might, the beauty tries all she knows, but in the end the beauty meets her demise and is choked out by the beast.

Next, the battle of the sexes rages on in this mixed wrestling match! Sexy and tough Onyx wants to teach Arnie a lesson. They go at it in tight body presses showing their strength and determination. Great holds, exhausting submission pins are countered and re countered. He hates women and gives Onyx no quarter. She gets totally enraged and finally lays him to rest with a face planting running bulldog! Sorry Arnie.

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Women Wrestling Match

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Mixed Wrestling

Mixed Wrestling

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