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Women's Professional WrestlingPro Women's Wrestling - "Black & Blue All Over You"©
Style: Professional Women's Wrestling
Fight card:Riptide vs. Fire

Pro woman wrestler, the beautiful and powerful Riptide enters the ring. Fire, equally as powerful and beautiful, faces Riptide, holding her pet dog and mulling over many ideas on how to whip this fearsome opponent. Fire is ready for this and gives Riptide something to think about. Softening up Riptide, Fire applies chin-locks, scissors, kicks, stomps, slams, and tosses. Elbow drops fell the mighty Riptide and a smashing body slam sets her up for a quick pin. Riptide then goes to work on Fire and pins her with a reverse chin-lock. The bell sounds and Fire kicks the Ref away smashing, his genitals with glee--but pro women wrestler Riptide, reverses Fire off the ropes and the pro women's wrestling match is now all Riptides’. The finish goes down with a little hosing and humilitation for one pro woman wrestler!

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Female Domination Wrestling

FEMALE WRESTLING photoFemale Domination Wrestling - "Powerless"©
Style: Female Domination Wrestling, Special Interest
Fight card:Leigh vs Christy E.

In this serious female domination wrestling, special interest match, shedding her blouse and skirt revealing a super brief yellow bikini against her magnificent body, Brunette Leigh is admiring herself when she is jumped by the big Blonde Christy E, who outweighs Leigh by at least 30 pounds. Straight to the floor goes Leigh as Christy E. traps the smaller girl in a series of bone crushing holds, all punctuated by savage hair pulling.

Trapped in a chinlock and a rib crushing body scissors, Leigh’s waist long hair is mercilessly yanked by the cruel blonde as Leigh screams, squirms and howls as she is mutilated by a much more powerful dominate female. You wont want to miss this female domination wrestling catfight as Leigh’s perfect breasts almost pop from their tight shelters as she is ravaged again and again by Christy E.’s assault. Leigh’s body is a mass of pain, her hair almost pulled from its roots and her screams of mercy bring no relief from her evil attacker. Tiring of her playful destruction of such a beautiful body, Christy E. uses chloroform to render her victim unconscious and then hog-ties Leigh’s lifeless body with what seems to be twenty feet of rope. If female domination wrestling is your game and ultimate destruction is your name then this female domination wrestling, special interest match is for you!

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Mixed Domination Wrestling Video

MIXED WRESTLING photoMixed Wrestling - "Blue Danger"©
Style:Mixed Wrestling - Topless
Fight card:Hollywood Vs. Chuck

Hollywood, in cut-off jeans and a cropped top, takes on Chuck in a sexy mixed wrestling ring riot of equally sized bodies, both out to show their best. Hollywood takes the initiative, and a figure four headlock has Chuck in agony on the mat. He escapes and soon finds himself being butted into the turnbuckles, dropped to the mat, and caught in a figure four leg-lock. Chuck rises from the mat and catches the blonde in a standing rear arm stretch that makes it her turn to screech.

The mixed wrestling battle rages on until a step-over toehold has Chuck once again yelling for mercy. He then grabs the girl’s top, yanking it off, exposing two sensational breasts. Enraged and embarrassed, Hollywood floors Chuck, slams his head on the mat again and again, and turns him over, shoving her orbs right in his face to cut off his air. Helpless, he is tied hand and foot, and gagged for good measure.

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Pro Women's Wrestling Video Clip

PROFESSIONAL WOMEN'S WRESTLING photoPro Women's Wrestling - "Black & Blue All Over You"©
Style: Professional Women's Wrestling
Fight card:Molly Mc Shane vs. The Ebony Princess

The stunning Ebony Princess challenges the pro woman wrestler Irish Molly McShane in a professional women's wrestling battle. The bell rings, and a furious Molly grabs Ebony in a wristlock, pulls her hair, and Ebony is quickly on her back in mid-ring. Ebony retaliates and pays Molly back! Molly then crushes Ebony with a neck scissors, punishes her in the corners, and shoulder slams the tiny gladiatrix. Ebony turns the tables, and gives Molly a dose of her own medicine. Ebony catches her in a fireman’s carry, which Ebony reverses, dropping Molly to the mat where she applies a roll-up pin. Molly is furious, attacks Ebony’s belly again, and kicks her from the ring. As Ebony re-enters, Molly keeps body slamming her until the ref counts her out for two straight falls--not an easy victory for the redhead in this pro women's wrestling match.

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Mixed Wrestling Superherione

MIXED WRESTLING photoMixed Wrestling - "Blue Danger"©
Style:Female Domination Mixed Wrestling
Fight card:Super Heroine Vs. Tony

Tony meets a powerful super heroine in a female domination mixed wrestling event. She announces “You’ll never know who I am” to him as she enters the ring with mask, cape, and boots for their coed wrestling match. She then attacks with stomps, hair tosses, and brutal sexual assaults. After spreading his legs apart, she jams her boot into his unprotected groin. Dragging the youngster to the corner, she then kicks him in the groin, knees his stomach, and beats him savagely in the head with a closed fist. Tony is then a victim to an airplane spin and subsequent trashing in a different corner.

On his back on the mat, he is mauled by the super heroine who applies terrifying claw holds, stupendous stomps, and even grabs his aching testicles through his swimsuit. He only wants to end his horror of this female domination mixed wrestling. Finally the super heroine puts him out of his misery with a tight sleeper hold as she poses over his almost lifeless body and leaves him broken and helpless on the mat. This woman rules in this brutal mixed wrestling match.

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Vintage Women's Wrestling

Vintage Women's Wrestling Video"Vintage/ Classic Professional Women’s Wrestling"©
Style:Vintage/ Classic Professional Women’s Wrestling
Fight card:1. Debbie Combs vs Rockin Robin 2. Sheri Martel vs Desiree Peterson (Title Bout) 3. Olympia vs Debbie Combs 4. Jan Flame vs The Goddess (Debbie Combs) 5. Sue Sexton vs Candi Devine (Title Bout) 6. Tina Moretti & Sindy Paradise vs The Bad Girl & Black Venus 7. Denise Storm vs Linda Dallas 8. Sindy Paradise & Cheryl Rusa vs Linda Dallas & Kat LaRoux 9. Bambi vs Lady X (Title Bout) 10. Judy Martin & LeLani Kai vs Rockin Robin & Wendi Richter 11. Malia Hosaka & Tim Horner vs Lisa Starr & Barry Horowitz (Mixed Tag Team) 12. Reggie Bennet vs Lady X (Title Bout) 13. Terri Power vs The Bad Girl 14. La Gata & Denise Storm vs Terri Power & Allison Royal

Four title bouts are highlights on this vintage / classic professional women’s wrestling tape. Infamous pro women wrestler, Reggie Bennet, one of the most respected pioneers of pro women’s wrestling, faces off against mysterious and sultry champion Lady X. Beautiful brunette Bambi fights the same Lady in another title match, showing that even girls who seem sweet can be hellcats in the ring! Australian diva Sue Sexton takes on the outrageously sexy Candi Devine, and the vicious and aggressive pro woman wrestler, Sheri Martel tries to destroy beautiful blonde Desiree Peterson in their title match.
Other vintage women's wrestling matches prove that it’s not just champions who know how to bring the pain to the squared circle. Sexy blonde Debbie Combs trained with her mother, professional woman's wrestling star Cora Combs, from early childhood. On this tape, she faced off against fellow glamour girl Rockin Robin, as well as Amazonian Olympia. Other notable bouts include up-and-comer Terri Power taking on The Bad Girl and an intense pro women's wrestling tag team match with Judy Martin & LeLani Kai showing younger pro women wrestlers Rockin Robin & Wendi Richter that they still have a lot to learn. Great Vintage Women's Wrestling!

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