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Professional Women's WrestlingMixed Wrestling - "Recipe for Trouble"©
SKU#: SK-232
Style: Two Mixed Wrestling Matches
Fight card: Alexis vs. Travis and Shelly vs. Darnelle

Alexis in a stunning bright green bikini mixes it up with Travis. This mixed wrestling match begins as Alexis rushes her male foe. Out to maim her opponent she savagely punches and elbow's his unprotected stomach, chokes and body scissors him, knees him in the corner and he falls to the mat. Meanness comes from Alexis as she jumps on Travis with both feet! Travis manages to escape and he rises. He desperately tries to pay Alexis back, only to find himself slammed in the turnbuckle and continuously ravaged by the sexy bombshell in this Mixed Wrestling match. With an arsenal of punishing holds, one unconscious body lies outside the ring on the mat.
Next, Busty Shelly is arrogant, self-confident and thinks she can whip Darnelle. The buxom blonde comes out of the corner with rage and puts the punishing moves to Darnelle, but Darnelle takes his turn for dominance and roughs up Shelly but good. The cocky blonde has felt the pain of battle before and turns the ring into a war zone! As this hard fought Mixed Wrestling battle ensues with pounding punches, crushing scissors, and brutal leg holds to name a few. This Recipe for Trouble has Shelly on the run, and a punishing Boston Crab is the demise of one of these brave warriors.

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Pro Womens Wrestling

Pro Women's Wrestling Video ClipsPro Women's Wrestling - "The Contenders" Vol.1"©
SKU#: SK-287
Style: Women's Professional Wrestling
Fight card: Frankie vs. Fire and Belle vs. Raquel with Reff.

Welcome to the Steel Kittens Ring! These matches are two out of 3 fall, Women's Professional Wrestling, Championship Contender Matches. First entering the ring is Fire, in a blazing red robe with a blue metallic suit. Next, is Frankie, in a peach bikini. The Ref stats the rules and the Pro Women's Wrestling match begins. Bear Hugs, head locks, clotheslines, tests of strengths and body splashes. Frankie starts to fight dirty and rakes Fires eyes, Fire is enraged! The Reff's count favors Frankie, and Fire has her work cut out for her. Both women wrestlers really want a shot at the belt and the battle of the wills continue. With bulldogs, more body splashes, stomps and viscous chops, but the Reff keeps things in Frankie's favor. As the ref quickly counts out Fire, an angry Fire assaults Frankie, but the Ref lets Frankie escape. This competitive match ends with some dirty tactics by one competitor and the Ref, leaving a very angry opponent who really got cheated out of this competition. But she will be back!

Our next two contenders are Belle in a stunning line green suit, and Raquel, in a pink bikini. A fast and furious Professional Women's Wrestling Match quickly erupts. With catapults, kicks, flips, leg drops, knee drops, leg-bars, clotheslines, body-splashes and suplexes. Belle gets to work on punishing Raquel's elbow. Raquel rallies back hard, with leg drops and great pretzel holds. Belle is able to escape, but Raquel comes in with a surprise drop kick to breast and has Belle floored, Raquel sweeps in for and devastating Angels Wing and gets the first fall. Belle is not happy about loosing the first fall and goes after Raquel with a vengeance. Belle wants that belt! A brutal figure four, knee kicks to the kidneys, stomach punches, and a fast airplane spin, that has Raquel in a daze. Belle gets the 2nd fall with a cross face. Both girls are on a rampage as they assault one another. Belle finally gets a clothesline in on Raquel, drags her to the corner post and damages Raquel's knee. She continues to pour on the punishment till a weakend Raquel can no long endure the pain. Exciting Pro Women's Wrestling!

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Professional Women's Wrestling Video ClipsPro Women's Wrestling - "The Contenders" Vol.2"©
SKU#: SK-288
Style: Women's Professional Wrestling
Fight card: Frankie vs. Belle and Fire vs. Raquel with Reff

Welcome to the Steel Kittens Ring! Our first Professional Women's Wrestling match is for the Championship Belt! Winning their previous matches we have, Frankie, taking on Belle. Frankie thinks its going to be easy, but Belle knows better. A powerful head lock, mid sections kicks and knees start this brutal match. Belle locks one of Frankie's devastating kicks, taking Frankie to the mat. Both exchanging stomach and head blows. Frankie is winded, and out of the ring. Belle drags her back in and pounds Frankie from pillar to post. Lots of flying knees to the kidneys, punches to the head, face and belly. Intense tight grappling are throughout this hard and competitive bout. With fists and knees flying, they fall out of the ring. Belle crushes Frankie's stomach, and then Frankie slams Belle in the steel door. Belle now bleeding looks at Frankie with dagger eyes and smashes her square in the nose. Frankie is hurt bad. Belle slams Frankie face again, and hangs her from her neck over the apron. Ouch! Both warriors are bloodied. A triangle finally defeats one exhausted warrior, and she is out cold. The victor poses with the belt in hand in this Pro Womens Wrestling match. Congratulations to a hard and competitive fight!
Next, Fire is out for her revenge, as in her last Professional Women's Wrestling match she was cheated out of her win and her chances for the Belt. Her opponent is an arrogant Raquel. Both women are hot for the first pin. Fire is clearly in control but the Reff, once again is slow to act on Fires behalf giving Raquel the advantage. Raquel works over her larger opponent and the Reff counts Fire out way to quickly. Tempers flair, and Fire rushes in to punish Raquel. Fire defiantly has the pin but the Reff won't count it. Going for the pin again, an enraged Fire just destroys Raquel. A standing back breaker to over the knee has Raquel reeling in pain. A running bull dog to a brutal camel clutch has Raquel submitting, but Fire has other plans. Raquel is now taking the beating of her life! Fire, in full assault mode, delivers crushing leg scissors. Raquel bites Fire to get free. Big mistake, Fire has had enough and brutally kicks Raquel in the face knocking her out cold. With out hesitation, Fire clotheslines the Reff flat! Great Pro Womens Wrestling Action!

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