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MIXED OIL WRESTLINGMixed Oil Wrestling  - "Deliciously Deep Fried

SKU#: SK-273
Style: 2 Mixed Oil Wrestling Matches, 1 Topless
Fight card: Vicky vs. John Paul * and Frankie vs. Bill

Bringing you hot, sexy topless mixed oil wrestling from sunny Southern California! First up, is the fantastic looking red head, Vicky. This sexy and scantily clad vixen really enjoys working over her male opponent, John Paul. But JP isn't that easy in the slippery stuff, and they both struggle hard for dominance in this mixed oil wrestling match. The topless Vicky uses her powerful butt and thighs to subdue JP, but he is quick to reverse, so Vicky just keeps fighting back that much harder. She wants the win! She finally catches him in a smothering slippery mixed oil wrestling head scissors/arm bar! Vicky is #1 and doesn't want JP to forget it!

Next we have the ever gorgeous and busty Frankie. Frankie loves to dominate, and this fit and skilled diva has her opponent, Bill, slithering and struggling all over the mat. "You're gonna get Fried today" is what Frankie has in-store for Bill. Or does she? Bill valiantly challenges her, and at one point, he has the beauty cussing in pain. This sexy mixed oil wrestling match soon evens out in non-stop sexy action. Frankie almost has Bill choked out several times but he's able to escape her strong grip. He finally catches the gorgeous brunette in a rear naked choke and with a lot of struggle, her day is done! Chock one up for the boys in this mixed oil wrestling match.

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Professional Women's WrestlingProfessional Female Wrestling  - "The Rookie"©
SKU#: SK-268
Style: Professional Women's Wrestling Match
Fight card: Valentina vs. Belle

Valentina is a new comer to the world of professional women's wrestling. Beautiful and talented, she is getting way more attention than Belle would like. Valentina knows that Belle is a very skilled pro women wrestler, but Valentina is naive to Belles tactics. Belle catches her working out in her ring and decides now is the time to teach the pro women wrestling rookie a lesson and set the rules. Belle knows Valentina is unsuspecting and agrees to entertain Valentina by agreeing to her request to show her a few moves. Belle keeps asking Valentina to show her what she's got. Belle is really egging Valentina into a fight but Valentina is too intimidated by Belle. Belle starts to put on the pressure, and what Valentina thought to be a bit of a training session turns out to be a brutal attack. "So you want to be a women wrestler? Well, you're going to have to toughen up! So endure the pain!" Belle assaults the unsuspecting Valentina with cheap shots, painful submissions, slaps, chops, and kicks.

At one point Belle has Valentina almost knocked out on the ring floor, but decides it was too easy, and continues to drive the lesson home. Attacking Valentina in and out of the ring, Belle administers some devastating upper cuts on the ring apron and it is truly the beginning of the end for the rookie. Valentina, now in some serious pain, whimper's continuously and Belle gets further annoyed by her screams and wants to shut her up by choking her with the ropes as Belle lets her know she is in for the beating of her life! Humiliating crotch kicks and butt slaps, Belle just continues to hurt and demoralize Valentina. She finally lets her know why. To show the rookie whose boss, that's why! Belle finally finishes off the whimpering Valentina with a reverse headlock over the knee almost knocking her out again, but Belle wants the rookie to hear her warnings, and instructs Valentina to play by her rules, and to take her crap, and get out of her ring! Turns out the Rookie had a very bad day at the gym, and will have to train really hard to regain her confidence after this severe and humiliating beating.

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Women's Wreslting

PROFESSIONAL WOMEN'S WRESTLINGProfessional Women's Wrestling  - "No Truce"©
SKU#: SK-248
Style: Professional Women's Wrestling Match
Fight card: The Ebony Princess vs. Christine with Ref. Dylan

Two chiseled, and beautiful professional women wrestlers are in for the match of their lives! The talented and beautiful, pro wrestler Ebony Princess, is in the ring, to compete with the sexy and experienced, Christine, in an extreme rule's match. A 45 min. no submission female wrestling match, "No Truce", competition. After a brief interview, the smart and sexy off-duty ref lays down the rules: If one girl submits, she gets a 10 sec. break, which gives her an advantage to rest. The strategy for both female wrestlers is to wear her opponent down, till there is nothing left at the end of 45 minutes!

The ref calls it, and the clock is running! A brutal wrestling match ensues, going the distance in pain, and exhaustion. These women wrestlers exchange brutal joint breaking holds in non-stop sweaty action. The observant and sexy ref was in total control of the match, as both of these girl fighters were solely determined on winning. Who will out wrestle and out last the other? What intensity these girls display! The pain they must feel as each one dishes out grueling, made to injure, agonizing submission wrestling holds! Evenly matched with skill and attitude, both are so determined, that neither one will submit! Some of the holds are so painful that there was no choice, but to only submit!

Both exhausted female wrestlers gave it all they had. Times up and the ref decides it's a draw, but these pro women wrestlers decide it's not over and they fight to the bitter end. Neither one has had enough! Both sweaty, beaten beauties go at it again, but they have fought to exhaustion with no fight left. As comrades they leave, not as bitter enemies, but respecting each other as excellent hard fighting exhausted competitors. What a great women's wrestling match with two exceptional girl fighters!

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