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About the founder of Steel Kittens© Inc.
After winning two women's wrestling titles, B. Belle became one the most celebrated female wrestlers in the world. She remains so today as the founder of Steel Kittens and one of its most popular stars. B. Belle is committed to bringing only world-class intensity, skill, and a love of the art of combat to the ring and the screen.

Steel Kittens Productions was founded in 1986 by B. Belle a freestyle wrestling champion. She was significantly involved in the making of the women's wrestling movie American Angels-Baptism of Blood.
Steel Kittens Productions acknowledges the great pool of talent and has hand picked women wrestlers and valets from most all the United States Wrestling Federations and Promotions, like Awa, American Wrestling Association, GLOW, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, NWA, National Wrestling Alliance, LPWA Ladies Professional wrestling Association, POWW, Powerful Women of Wrestling, WOW, Women of Wrestling, WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, TNA, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, WSU, Women Superstars Uncensored and WEW, Women's Extreme Wrestling.

Steel Kittens Productions also supports a line of rare Vintage Ladies Wrestling either shot live or shot by the great Mildred Burke, and Japanese Women's Professional Wrestling from Productions, like the AJW, All Japan Women's Professional Wrestling, Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance and Japan Wrestling Association.

From some of the most elite Professional Women Wrestlers of the world, extreme freestyle amateurs to more adult forms of female wrestling. Steel Kittens Productions continues to create women's wrestling films, intergender matches or mixed wrestling and custom video matches world wide.

Steel Kittens to feature the hottest women's pro wrestling and pro-am wrestling in the country. Industry and fans alike agree that her unique combination of talent and wrestling savvy introduced the best line of pro and pro-am women's matches yet produced anywhere in the world. Steel Kittens gets similar rave reviews for their broad range of catfights, mixed wrestling, boxing and special interest matches that add a little spice to female combat.

More on B. Belle. Known as one of the greatest and most admired pioneers of the sport, talented, tough, beautiful blonde B. Belle, has been a stronghold in this industry--not only because of her wrestling ability, but also because of her passion for being revolutionary in her filming. While other federations go more and more in the direction of violence, pointless aggression, and misogyny, Steel Kittens remains true to the idea of great sports entertainment, the honorable traditions of combat, and great respect for talented female wrestlers. Some of our catfight videos are appropriate only for those over the age of 18, but all of our sports entertainment is tasteful, intense, creative, and exciting. Belle inherited the ring in which Mildred Burke trained and filmed countless great female athletes (some in vintage / classic wrestling matches that you can view on our site); Steel Kittens is the natural extension of her values of great women's wrestling, mixed wrestling and female wrestling entertainment.

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Mixed Wrestling, Female Wrestling, Women's Wrestling

Women of Wrestling

Pro Style Women's Wrestling Matches
Pro Style Women's Wrestling or Professional Women's Wrestling style combines the elements of theater, power moves, striking, grappling and techniques modeled after the many diverse sets of fighting styles. Most matches have a competitive climatic point in a feud, or they have a storyline. Our pro women's wrestling matches feature beautiful women wrestlers, skilled in expert wrestling holds, throws, and flying maneuvers. Most of these girls are well known female wrestlers who have performed all over the globe. Their Steel Kittens wrestling matches are always the height of intensity and feature exciting non-stop dazzling action, and establish these wrestling women among the most prestigious and desirable Diva's of wrestling to date.

Pro Style Women's Wrestling >

Classic Women's Pro Wrestling

Classic Womens Wrestling

Classic Ladies Professional Wrestling. From the 50's and 60's
From the Steel Kittens Private Collection, we present rare archival matches from the "Golden Era" of female wrestling. Photos, Super 8, and some older silent films have all been carefully digitized to preserve these historic Vintage / Classic Ladies Pro Women's Wrestling matches. Bouts and scenes of Mildred Burke, June Byers, Ann La Verne, Tony Rose, Judy Garble, Little Cloud, Better Boucher, Fran Gravette and a host of others in memorable action. This is some of the best vintage / classic women's wrestling action that you will see anywhere!

Classic Women's Wrestling >

Vintage Women's Wrestling

Vintage Women's Wrestling

Vintage Professional Women's Wrestling. From the 70's and 80's and early 90's
From the Steel Kittens Private Collection, an all-star line up of some of the most exciting Vintage / Classic women's professional wrestling matches ever caught on tape. Watch Sheri Martel, Candi Devine, Marie LeVerne, Judy Martin, LeLani Kai, Fabulous Moolah (she's from the 50's thru the 90's), Kay Noble, Early Dawn, Peggy Lee, Rockin Robin and scores of other great female wrestlers, at the peak of their careers. All matches are carefully preserved in digital clarity.

Vintage Women's Wrestling >

Japanese Women's Professional Wrestling


Japanese Women's Professional Wrestling
The Japanese Women's Professional Wrestling style is treated as pure sport with seriousness of purpose. Our Steel Kittens collection of "Women Warriors of the Orient" are fierce fighting females and masters of virtually every hold, from bone-crushing mat action to unbelievable aerial maneuvers. Our Japanese matches are all filmed before huge crowds, which add extra intensity to the action.

Japanese Women's Professional Wrestling >

Women's Wrestling Video

Women's Wrestling

Women's Wrestling
Our pro women wrestlers hook up and do battle with competitive amateur female wrestlers, who are skilled in grappling, wrestling holds and various creative ring tactics. You'll also see these Beautiful Women of Wrestling in our some of our exciting mixed wrestling matches.

Women's Wrestling Videos >

Female Wrestling

Female Wrestling Video

Female Wrestling
The aspiring females wrestlers in our amateur female wrestling matches seek to prove that they have what it takes to make their mark in female combat. Using more of a freestyle type of fighting, some of these beauties have experience while others are making their first try in the ring or in sexy apartment catfights. These amateur girls fight with real raw expression and go all out in any setting we can devise.

Female Wrestling Videos >

Catfight, Catfighting, Cat Fight, video

Catfight Video

Catfights - Catfighting - Catfighters
Catfighting matches explore the more erotic side of female wrestling. Most of them take place in apartment settings with a storyline. Typically involving scratching, slapping, hair pulling, and dress shredding combined with punching and freestyle grappling. Most of these matches end up with the girls bear naked. No rules, and anything and everything go in these hair-raising catfights.

Cat Fight Videos >

Mixed Wrestling

Mixed Wrestling Video

Mixed Wrestling
In our mixed wrestling matches, women prove that they have what it takes to go to the mat with the boys. We have pro-style mixed wrestling, pro-am bikini mixed wrestling, mixed oil wrestling, mixed boxing, amateur mixed wrestling and erotic mixed wrestling clips and mixed wrestling videos. Steel Kittens is THE Super Store for Mixed Wrestling!

Mixed Wrestling >

Women's Boxing

Women's Boxing Video

Women's Boxing
Steel Kittens has some of the most beautiful girl boxers in the business going toe to toe in intense female boxing matches. In our sexy amateur foxy boxing bouts, these topless girls slug it out. We even have combined boxing, kickboxing and wrestling matches for an extra exciting specialty in fighting female combat.

Women's Boxing >

Female Domination Wrestling

Female Submission Wrestling

Female Domination Wrestling
Domination wrestling matches refer to any matches where one of the combatants completely overpowers her rival throughout the match. Domination wrestling matches can also be a female submission wrestling match or squash matches. We have domination wrestling matches in all our categories of wrestling.

Female Domination Wrestling >

Female Wrestling Fantasy, Mixed Wrestling Fantasy

Female Wrestling Fantasy, Mixed Wrestling Fantasy, Video

Female Wrestling Fantasy | Mixed Wrestling Fantasy Categories
Domination: We have female domination wrestling and mixed domination wrestling matches throughout our Steel Kittens library, but if you're looking for more of a special interest Fantasy, here you will find different scenarios, costumes and themes combined with great domination and submission action.
Foot Fetish: Matches featuring pretty feet and toes or sexy high heels in these female fighting video's. Foot stomping, wrestling and worship for all you foot fetish fans.
Punching: These female fighting matches feature merciless body punching and hard stomach, belly punching. If you's a belly, body or stomach punching fan you love these female fighting matches.
Super Heroine: Comic book characters come to life with Female Wrestling Super Heroine's like Super Girl and Wonder Woman, taking on their evil foes in these Female Wrestling Matches.
Female Wrestling Fantasy | Mixed Wrestling Fantasy: An eclectic variety of matches with different scenarios from mixed wrestling, boxing, pantyhose fetish, large breast competitions, sexy legs fights, rare professional wrestling, mud wrestling, oil wrestling and more.

Female Wrestling Fantasy | Mixed Wrestling Fantasy >

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