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This free mixed wrestling video clip features Santana is a girl with a to-die-for body with skin as dark and inviting as she is muscled from head to toe. She enters the ring for a male vs female wrestling match to take on a much larger male opponnet. Santanas amazing speed and agility is bar non, and the match takes off with Santana flattening him square on the mat. He counterattacks by putting Santana in a backbreaker that almost makes her breasts pop right out of her skimpy yellow bikini top. A vicious bite frees one wrestler from a captive wresling hold. Vicious nature vs. clean wrestling makes a great mixed wrestling match! Screams come from all four-corner posts as each vies for a victory. A competitive match between very different wrestling styles keeps you guessing until the very end! (Must be over 18)
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