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Erotic Mixed Wrestling
Mixed wrestling has the obvious potential to get very erotic. At Steel Kittens , we have no intention of showing you videos where helpless women get beaten up on by male brutes. We offer you world class mixed wrestling , some quite naughty, where the women give as good as they get--and that includes pleasure and mischief as well as impressive athletic punishment. Just watch Chris and Tenea for a few minutes and you'll see how erotic it can be. Fantasy mixed wrestling is sports entertainment at its best. When Chris's girlfriend is away, he decides to try to trick Tenea into wrestling. She obliges, happy to show him that a strong woman can kick a man's butt any day-- but when she realizes his ulterior motives, a grappling match turns into a means to subdue an opponent for some well-deserved punishment! Fun and playful storylines are integrated with great wrestling holds and sexy conclusions in all of our erotic mixed wrestling matches. If you want to share your love of women grappling men with your girlfriend, she may not be as interested in watching n*de catfights or t*pless female apartment matches. Once she sees the way the Steel Kittens can command the ring -- and a man -- she may quickly become more willing to watch erotic mixed wrestling with you, and maybe even to get a little more playful in your own private match. There are lots of different levels of erotic mixed wrestling. For some fans, it may be enough to see a sexy woman in shorts and a bra or a bikini in the ring against a man. Others might enjoy a mixed oil match. For others, half-t*pless, t*pless, or even n*de mixed wrestling is a great draw. Steel Kittens Video offers you the best of all these different styles, in various formats such as highlights, streaming clips, downloads, and DVDs. We also offer the additional benefits like exclusive photosets and weekly video clips for our VIP members, a must have if you like erotic mixed wrestling. Learn more about our premium member here.

Check these Featured Mixed Wrestling Videos!

Diva of Mixed Wrestling

"Illegal Search & Seizure"©
SKU#: SK-230
Style: Mixed Wrestling: 2-on-1
Fight card: Hollywood vs. Gary and Mike

Check out this diva of mixed wrestling! A lady cop, exercising in her skimpy bikini, is surprised by two men who intend to handcuff the dynamite blonde. The surprise attack turns sour as both males soon find themselves at the mercy of the enraged cop in a hot mixed wrestling match. This she-cat is sexy and knows how to protect herself! Watch out guys, you have it coming!

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strong woman

"Ring Thunder Series: Mixed Wrestling"©
SKU#: SK-359
Style: Mixed Wrestling - T*pless Pro and Pro Am Style
Fight card: Kaos vs. Nicole O. and VIP vs. Ray

Mixed Wrestling fans, you are you in for a treat! There is truly nothing worse than a woman's scorn! Nicole goes totally ballistic on Kaos, who is much larger and doesn't want to hurt his beautiful girl friend. He tries to calm her but there is no stopping this t*pless enraged woman! Watching this little beauty of a woman tear up this big guy both verbally and physically is something to behold! This mixed wrestling match will defiantly have you on the edge of your seat, no telling what this unpredictable t*pless woman is capable of! You have to see this! Next, we introduce VIP a Southern California beauty, with the best legs in the business. You'll love watching VIP gain experience and use her beautiful legs in tight head and body scissors squeezing the air out of her male opponent! Two super mixed wrestling matches by Steel Kittens!

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Mixed Wrestling Videos

"All Tied Up"©
SKU#: SK-24
Style: T*pless Mixed Wrestling
Fight card: Shelly vs. Tony

Using her sexy strong thighs, Shelly delivers powerful body and head scissors to a breathless Tony in this extreme t*pless mixed wrestling match! Huge breasts aren't enough to subdue Tony, who becomes cruel and administers unfair punishment using ropes and cuffs. How will Shelly escape the severe humiliation? Watch with anticipation for the climax of this exciting display of punishment!

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