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Catfight Video Clips
Steel Kittens is one of the best sources for catfight video clips on the web. Our catfights are sexy and provocative, but they also showcase some great moves and grappling styles. These women perform dangerous sleeper holds, fierce scissors holds, and deliver punishing punches like you won't believe. We have a huge selection of catfight video clips, many of which feature girls you may never have seen before. We understand that you might not want to buy the DVDs without having a better sense of what you'll be getting. That's one of the main reasons we offer a deal where you can get cat fight video clips for just .99 cents! Also be sure to check out our catfight highlights!We're also confident that if you take advantage of this deal, you will discover some exciting new talent. Many of our catfights take place in an apartment or bedroom setting. Some take place in the ring. We feature beautiful cat fighting women like Hollywood, Leigh, Tanya, Candi, Christine and Santana, whose skills are not limited to catfights -- they can also be seen in pro-am matches, boxing matches, oil wrestling and mixed wrestling matches. In fact, if you have seen one of these incredible women in a catfight and would like to see a little more, our catfight video clips give you a great opportunity to do just that. Our catfighting matches vary from n*de to t*pless to the babes dressed in sexy lingerie. Some matches are real struggles because you have no idea what the outcome will be until the final moments. We do also have intense domination matches where one woman is in complete control the whole time, no matter how hard the victim tries to gain the upper hand. From the fun and outrageous to the brutal and dangerous, Steel Kittens offers catfight videos which are sure to please any women's wrestling fan.

Catfight Girls

"Cat House"©
SKU#: SK-210
Style: Female Wrestling Catfights: n*de
Fight card: Crystal vs. Talia
Sensual blonde Crystal is attacked in this female wrestling catfight by dark haired Talia , who has gone crazy over the loss of her pet cat. This super sexy n*de battle is full of surprises. Screams echo thru the room as fleshy breasts are squeezed and pinched, hair is yanked, and bellies are punched in a wild display of feminine fury. One naked beauty is leashed and led around the room nursing the wounds of a violent victory by her evil adversary. What a catfight!

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Dangerous Woman

"Flower Power"©
SKU#: SK-143
Style:Amateur Female Wrestling Catfight
Fight card: Cindy aka Sugar Rey Renee aka Sweet Savage vs. Carmen
Destruction is the game in this sexy female wrestling catfight, as blonde Cindy preens her nearly naked body, attacked by a menacing Carmen. The blonde soon learns her boasts were futile, as Carmen batters Cindy?s once firm breasts, then chokes and stomps her into a screaming frenzy. She is ultimately reduced to an unconscious mass of tangled hair and defenseless limp flesh. View utter domination in its fiercest form.

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Dangerous Women

"All Work & No Play"©
SKU#: SK-217
Style: Female Wrestling Catfights: n*de
Fight card: Nikki vs. Cleopatra
Party animal Cleopatra tries to stop Nikki from studying and convince her to join the fun! The argument ignites a wild female wrestling catfight. Shorn of their clothes and weakened by breast and groin mauling, this intense n*de catfight ends when a glass bowl is broken over one wild women! What a catfight!

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Catfight Video Clips

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